History of Mother's Day

On the second Sunday in May we celebrate someone very near and dear to our hearts- our mothers! So how did this tradition get started?

In eighteenth century England, many people worked as servants in households. "Mothering Sunday" was created for these people to return home to be with their mothers/family. Sometime in the twentieth century "Mother's Day" was established as an official holiday.

It wasn't until 1915, that Mother's Day became an official holiday in the United States. It's establishment is largely accredited to Anna Jarvis. When Anna's mother passed away on May 5, 1905, her church held a special "Mother's Day" service and used white carnations to honor her memory. Anna began writing to congress, asking them to set aside a day to officially recognize mothers. In 1910, West Virginia declared the second Sunday in May as "Mother's Day" and by 1911 every state celebrated it.

Be sure to honor your mother this Mother's Day by bringing her beautiful, fresh carnations!

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