How to Make a Carnation Bouquet

Buying bulk carnations is not only cost effective, but also allows you the freedom to personalize your arrangements. You can create a more uniformed look with similar hues or get creative with a variety of colors. Adding unique embellishments, monograms, or special ribbon can grace a bouquet with a distinctive style.

Why bulk carnations? Some people consider carnations the flower with super-powers! They are known for their hardy stems, can last up to two weeks, are easy to handle, have a nice full bloom, come in a variety of colors, and are available throughout the year! If you have an occasion, such as a wedding, fundraiser, or other special event, consider buying bulk carnations.

We suggest you prepare bouquets the day of the event to prevent the flowers from drooping or losing the shape of the arrangement.

You will need:
• 30+ carnations per bouquet
• Floral Sheers
• Floral Tape
• Scissors
• Decorative Ribbon
• 2-4 Florist Pearl Pins

1.Always use fresh carnations. Inspect your carnations for disease. Discard any with discolored petals. If any blooms are closed, gently stroke them outward to open them.

2. Hold 3 carnations in a triangular shape, with each bloom about 4 inches apart. Wrap the stems with floral tape, about 4 inches below the blooms, to hold them in place.

3.Add 1 carnation at a time around the central ones, with the stems at an angle, to form a more rounded shape. Hold the stems firmly to prevent shifting. You might want to stand in front of a mirror to view the front of the bouquet.

4.When your bouquet is at your desired width, wrap floral tape around the stems to secure them.

5.Using floral sheers, trim the carnation stems to approximately 9 inches long.

6.Wind decorative ribbon around the stems to hide the floral tape and give your bouquet a personal touch. Wrap it tightly several times until you reach the end of the stems. Keep the ribbon in place by piercing it into a few carnation stems with pearl pins.

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